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Constructing a Search

Two Types of Searches

There are two types of searches in ARTstor: Keyword and Advanced. The returned results of both searches can be further refined. Please note that if your search result contains more than 2000 images, you may further refine the search or opt to view the first 2000 images only. If you wish to view a more comprehensive return result, you may want to use the browse function in ARTstor.

Keyword Search

  • On the home screen use the Search Box to do a simple word search.
  • You may choose to search all the collections or limit to either ARTstor Digital Library or Shared Shelf Commons.

Advanced Search

  • Through an advanced search you may construct a search with multiple keywords, limit by date range, limit by geographical location, or limit by classification type.
  • The advanced search link is located below the keyword box or in the main menu, Find->Advanced Search

Search Results

Refining Your Search Results

  • If your return result is over 2000 images, ARTstor will prompt you to refine the search using the Advanced Search.
  • You may also refine any of your returned searches using the Narrow Your Results located in in the upper left corner of the screen. Clicking this feature, will allow you to filter the search results by classification, collection, or geography. There is also a sliding scale timeline to filter by dates.
  • You may also conduct a second search within the search results. Use the keyword search box in the upper right corner and set the collection drop down menu to Within this Search Result.

Expanding Your Search Results

  • Some of the images in a search result may have either associated images or interested in images. These are identified by icons below the image.
  • Assocatied images:  identical or details of the primary image.
  • Interested in images: a collection of images that are often saved together by other users.
  • Remeber that clicking one of the icons will take you out of your directed search.


Keyword Search: Pantheon

Advanced Search: Pantheon + one of the following: Hadrian, dome(s), or Rome

Advance Search by Geography: Pantheon + Italy

Advanced Search by Date Range: Pantheon + 118-128 CE

Advanced Search by Classification: Pantheon + either Architecture and City Planning or Drawings and Watercolors.

How do the results change?

Generating Keywords

Let's think about key words for ARTstor. Do a search on these keywords (or come up with your own) and review the returned results. What types of results did you receive? Did you return the results you expected? How could you refine the keyword search? What types of words could you combine to produce more successful results?


  • Artists: Édouard Manet
  • Architects: Robert Venturi
  • Firms: McKim, Mead, and White or McKim, Mead, & White
  • Subjects, Historical Persons: George Washington


  • City: Cairo
  • State: Texas
  • Country: France

Works by Name

  • Painting: The Last Supper
  • Sculpture: Nike of Samothrace
  • Building: Gambel House
  • Landscape: Stowe Gardens
  • Site:  Athenian Acropolis

Works by Type

  • Cathedral
  • Teapot
  • Cape
  • Posters

Techniques or Features

  • Palladian Window
  • Rib vault
  • champleve
  • Pointillism

Periods, Cultures, Events, Subject Matter

  • Renaissance
  • Slavery
  • Revolution

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