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Image Groups

Image Group Basics

Image Groups allow you to select and save the images from your searches.

  • You must be logged into your account to access or save image groups.
  • Anyone with account can save images into image groups.
  • There is no limit to the number of image groups or the number of images saved to an image group.

Create a New Image Group or Add to an Existing Image Group

  1. In either your search or browse results, select an image to add to an image group by clicking on it. The image will be highlighted by a check mark.
  2. Once you have you have selected your image(s), select from the main menu Organize->Save selections to new group or Save selections to existing group.
  3. If you select to create a new image group, you will be prompted to give the group a title, description, and determine whether it is shared (institutional) or private.
  4. If you select to add to an existing group, you will be prompted to select the existing group.
  5. You can add tags to organize and make groups discoverable. Previous folder titles have been converted to tags. For more information on how to use tags, see:

For more information regarding organizing and managing image groups, please review Create and Manage Image Groups from ARTstor.

Access an Existing Image Group

  • In the main menu select Organize->Open Image Groups
  • Select the image or folder you wish to open, double click on the image group.

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