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English Literature

Book Reviews

Types of Book Reviews

Popular/Literary Reviews: Article-length reviews published soon after a book is released. Find in popular (non-scholary) publications like the New York Review of Books or the Times Literary Supplement, which are often included in periodical databases

Academic Reviews: Longer in length and published in scholarly journals, about books released by scholarly/university presses. Often published several months, even years, after a book is released. Find them in scholarly journal databases.

Library Reviews: Short, often only paragraph-length, intended to help librarians choose books for collections. Find them in publications like Choice or Kirkus Review.

Databases with book reviews

Older Books Reviews

For book reviews published before 1975, including those from the 19th century, these two indexes are an excellent resource. Find them in print at the PCL.

For Undergrads

Are you an undergrad looking for a quick and easy explanation of book reviews?

Use our Find Book Reviews & Literary Criticism guide.

Search Tips

  • Gather bibliographic information (title, author’s name, date of original publication) for the book you’re researching.
  • For reviews, narrow the date range to the years immediately following the book’s publication.
  • Some databases will allow you to limit your search to reviews or criticism, so always check the advanced search options.

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