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More on Locating NACA Reports

Locating NACA Reports

The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) reports are available for free full-text access.  Just a note that the Engineering Library collections include a large collection of NACA report in print.

These are the NACA series:

  • Aircraft Circulars (AC) - Reprints of articles giving specifications of individual aircraft, often from other countries.
  • Annual Reports (AR) - Contain NACA’s Annual Report to Congress as well as Technical Reports produced in that year.
  • Control Reports (CR)
  • Technical Memorandum (TM) - Reprinted reports from other laboratories, often translations from foreign languages.
  • Technical Notes (TN) - Report partial results or material of narrower interest. Selected information from these reports was often analyzed and refined for later publication in the more formal Technical Report series.
  • Reports (TR) - Also called NACA Technical Reports (TR). Usually the final report on a project, summarizing earlier interim reports.
  • Research Memorandum (RM) - Less formal reports issued to meet the need for rapid dissemination of aeronautical information.
  • Wartime Reports (WR) - Published after World War II to make more widely available wartime research that had been previously issued in restricted series.

In print via the library catalog:

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