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TD 388: Research Methods and Resources

Video Resources

Streaming Video

Film and Video in the Library Collection

Use the Advanced Search option in the Library Catalog to enter terms such as title of the work, other details you know (such as director, cast members, screenwriter, studio, etc.), and select Video/Film from the Resource Type menu. Alternately, you can enter your terms in the Simple Search box and then use the facets to refine your results to Videos. You can limit your results to "physical copy" or "available online."

Notes on DVD languages and dates:

  • Language limits include alternative soundtrack languages (dubbing) or subtitles provided on a DVD. For example, an English-language DVD might offer subtitles in Spanish and French. Limiting results to Spanish language would also include this item, even though the primary language is English.
  • The date of a DVD is the publication date of that specific edition, which is not necessarily the same as the original release date of a film or broadcast date of a TV show. For example, if you limit your results to DVDs released after 2004, you would still get a 2005 DVD edition of a film originally released in 1956. Conversely, if you limit your search for the 1956 film with the dates 1955-1957, you will not retrieve the 2005 DVD version. The film's original date is usually given as a note in the full record, but this is not indexed as a date.

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