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UGS 303: Playing and Writing / Lynn

Choose a topic - background information

Choosing a topic is research

You may have a broad topic idea when you walk into class today - and it may be as broad as 


and that's ok. Choosing a topic is part of the research process. You're coming up with an IDEA which you then do some SEARCHing around and then you REFORMULATE your idea based upon what you have learned. You may go through this cycle a few times in different resources before you settle in on a topic you want to write about.

idea then search then reformulate then new idea then search then reformulate

Try these databases to test out your topic.

Opposing Viewpoints - What will I find here?
You'll find multiple viewpoints on an issue in essays- rarely just pro and con.
These essays are excerpted from a source (journal, magazine, newspaper, report, government publication, website, blog, etc.). The articles are rarely strict reproductions of the original source -- they have been trimmed down considerably, edited, reformatted, and section titles have often been added that were not in the original document.
You'll also find journal articles, news articles, statistics and more. 

How do I find the original document?
At the end of every entry you will see the citation: 
check citation at bottom of article to see where the essay is excerpted from
Now I know that this essay was published first in the Huffington Post under a different title. I can find that original article if I like and read the whole thing. 

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