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UGS 303: Playing and Writing / Lynn

Finding scholarly, academic research articles

Scholarly articles (peer reviewed research)

You can use this tactic in any multi-line (advanced) search in any database. If you want to view this image larger, right click.

advanced search on use alternate terms, such as gay or homosexual or queer divided by a capitalized or. use quotation marks when searching a phrase, such as cultural revolution

Where is the article? Help!

Sometimes you see a link to the pdf or html of a full article - yay!

Sometimes you don't...instead, you see this:

If you click that, the databases will all talk to each other, find where the article lives, and take you right there.

Oof! It's only available in print? You can go get it on the shelves, or click:

and the library will scan and email you the article - even if we don't own it!

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