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UGS 303: Playing and Writing / Lynn

Wikiraces activity for our session

Whuuuut are we doing?

  • Get from starting point to the target page faster than anyone at your table.
  • Do not use the back button!
  • Yes, you can use Ctrl-F
  • You won't have time to count the clicks, so this is a timed race (you can use the back button to count if you're curious)

I'm biased, but I think research is fun and the more often you approach it with a playful mindset, the better. And you do fun research all the time, but maybe it doesn't feel like fun when it's an assignment.

This game is intended to loosen your research muscles up and get you ready to start researching your own topics for this course.

Researching with friends

Is there someone in your life that would interview you about your research topic? Ask around and do the same for them sometime. Why? Research can be difficult, frustrating, exhausting, puzzling and isolating. Here are some questions to have a friend ask you about your topic:

  • Why is this topic interesting to you?
  • What is the majority opinion about this topic?
  • Is there anyone that disagrees?
  • Who cares about this topic? What are they experts in?
  • What do you want to know more about?
  • How can more research in this topic area help someone or change the world?

As you answer the question were there any moments where you felt excited? Vulnerable? Jokey? Nervous? Frustrated? Curious? Tired? Surprised? At a loss for an answer? Make note of those instances and dig a little deeper into that space.

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