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CE 301 - Civil Engineering Systems

Library sources to help in finding information on engineering building projects and on other civil engineering research topics.

Stategies for Searching Building Projects and Other C.E. Topics

Focusing Your Search Based on the Topic

Building Projects

Recent (Current or the Last Few Years):  Likely to be best covered in magazines and journals.  Finding book information on new projects is less likely.

 A Little Older or Historic:

Less Well Known:  You will probably have to be more determined in your searching.  Even if it is unlikely that a whole book is devoted to the project, a more comprehensive book may include a chapter or some coverage on the project.  You may need to go back to older journal and magazine articles.

Well Known:  There is a good chance of finding information in books and also in magazines and journals -- both newer and older.

Exceptionally Well Known (the Eiffel Tower is an example of this type):  We expect information to be found in books and also in magazines and journals.  But search results may be frustrating because of information not related to engineering.  Careful limits may help.  Special encyclopedias and books with the right focus can be helpful options.


Other Civil Engineering Research Topics

For an overview of a topic, we usually think of books.  Articles in magazines and journals more typically provide an update on research or some other narrower aspect of the topic.  Please remember that you don't have to read a whole book to get the information you need.


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