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CE 301 - Civil Engineering Systems

Library sources to help in finding information on engineering building projects and on other civil engineering research topics.

Articles in Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers

Finding Journal, Magazine and Newspaper Articles

For help in finding articles (journal, magazine, and newspaper), we recommend using indexing tools.  Some indexes only index; some index and include text for some of the articles.  Always, though, you should see the citation for the article.  This helps find the text for the article in the UT subscriptions.

We think of articles for several situations in this class:

  • A very new building project; this may be one of the few sources.
  • Updates on a research topic.
  • An older building project that is not so well known; you will probably need to go back to look for articles from when the project was built.
  • For well known building projects.  You may find newer articles looking back historically and may be interested to search for articles from when the project was built.

Here are databases we especially recommend:

The Libraries offer many other databases which index articles.  There's a big list.  

"Find it @ UT"

When you see "Find it @ UT, usually you will want to click on it.  The hope is to find the text of a journal article or information about electronic holdings of a journal.

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