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UGS 302: Latinx Males in K-12 and Higher Education / Campos

Research Strategy - Searching

Keywords and search tips

Your background research in encyclopedias, etc. will help you discover:

  • Specialized terms that researchers use (as opposed to natural language)
  • Related terms - to help you discover topics similar to your own
  • Controversies - what are people arguing about? What do they care about?
  • Stakeholders - who is impacted? Who is doing something about it?

The screenshot below has a sample search.

  • Separate search terms on lines so as not to search by phrases and so you can use OR
  • OR between keywords allows you to broaden and make flexible your search. You can search many terms at once, but only one needs to be in the result for it to show up.
  • Decide what type of info you want - data found in reports, or research and analysis found in books and articles?
  • Currency can help your narrow to more recent articles.
  • Open this image in a new tab so you can see it bigger.

see accompanying text for explanation of this image

How to find testimonios

Test the following keywords to find testimonios (which are not always called that in our databases):





First person

Written account


Student experiences





Oral history

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