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UGS 302: Latinx Males in K-12 and Higher Education / Campos

Evaluate and find sources

How do you know if something is credible?

Every source should be evaluated individually. Use these criteria. When in doubt, ask a librarian.

  • Authority:
    • Who is the author and what is her expertise? Does she have the credentials to be writing about the topic?
    • Do a web search on her name: What else has she written, where does she work/ with what organizations is she affiliated?
  • Citations / Evidence:
    • Where do the authors get their evidence? Do you see citations and references to scholarship and research?
  • Currency:
    • Currency depends on your topic.
    • Search a book or article title in Google Scholar to see who has cited the work recently.
  • Peer Review:
    • Applies to articles written in academic journals that are evaluated in a double blind refereed process.
    • We use the term scholarly to describe books written by academics/experts in the field.

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