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Indigenous Language and Cultural Materials

How to Use This Guide

How to Use This Guide

The Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection is one of the premier libraries in the world focused on Latin America and Latinx/e Studies. This guide points researchers to some of the best resources for general and archival research on Latin American Indigenous language materials and Indigenous Studies at the Benson and more broadly. Check the tabs on the left for relevant sources that can serve as starting points for any topic you are researching.

Core Sources for Indigenous Studies Research

UT Libraries Catalog

The Benson Latin American Collection has a large collection of books published about and in indigenous languages. To find books on your topic, search using keywords to find books on your topic, and when you find a good result, look at the record under the ‘subject’ line and click on relevant subject to find all of the books on that particular topic (ex. Quechua language).

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