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Why start my Google Scholar search at UT Libraries? Isn't it free?

If you start here (or on the main library page), you'll be asked to authenticate with your EID before searching. Then Google and many publisher sites will see that you has permission to access our subscriptions, and you'll hit fewer paywalls!

What's different about Google Scholar?

  • Google Scholar searches within the full text of articles (most of our databases tend to look for your keywords in titles, abstracts and subject headings).
  • Google tell you how many times a publication has been cited (by sources within the Google Scholar universe).
  • Google gathers and collects "other versions" of an article when available. These are usually copies freely living on websites or post-print copies from repositories.
  • Google Scholar includes more grey literature than most databases. So you may find dissertations, book chapters, conference papers and more.

Why use Google Scholar?

  • Find highly-cited authors or publications on your topic

  • Find studies that use specific data sets, methods, models, theoretical frameworks, etc. These types of things tend to appear in the full text, rather than the titles and abstracts.

  • Find a bigger variety of sources from more disciplines. (our databases tend to focus on specific disciplines and on journals)


What is a library database?

Your instructor or subject librarian may throw around the term "library database" a lot, but what exactly do they mean? This video from RMIT University in Australia explains the term and how you can use databases for research.

Transcript available through YouTube.

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Where's the Article?

If you don’t see a .pdf of the article you want, click FIND IT AT UT to find it in another database or in print in the Libraries.

If it is only in print in the Libraries or we don’t own the article, click GET A SCAN to have the article emailed to you. This option will take a few days.

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