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Getting Started With Your Literature Search

Beginning Your Literature Search

As you get started with exploring research on your topic, we have:

  • Definitions for some of the common terms used in describing types of articles.
  • Recommendations for library databases and other resources to help with finding information on your topic.
  • Suggestions on using features of the library databases to save time and improve your experience.
  •  A note about using a citation manager to help organize your work and speed progress with your final paper.
  • A reminder that library staff are available to help in answering questions about finding and using information resources.


Library Staff Try to Help - Please Ask

When you have a library question, we hope that you will ask.

Each academic major has a librarian subject liaison and library staff across campus are available to help with using library materials.  (Click on BY SUBJECT to go from the alphabetic list to where you sort by department or search by subject.)

Liaisons (subject librarians) maintain a subject guide for each department, including recommended databases for the subject.

These librarians are glad to talk with you (in-person --- when possible, e-mail, chat, and phone conversations all work).  They can --- for example --- give specific recommendations on databases, talk about search terms, help with finding sources, and explain about library services.

Library Chat is a good option almost any time for getting help without a delay.

Note:  If you want to be sure and talk with a staff member at a particular time, plan to make an appointment.

Librarians by Subject Specialty

Ask a Librarian

Chat With Us

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