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The interdisciplinary nature of this Pop-Up Institute brings together a cross section of people and topics from the medical, humanities, and social science arenas.  Thus, there are library resources that broadly address this interdisciplinary field and library resources that hover in on specific aspects.  Explore the library resources listed under each tab to meet your informational and research needs.



Search Tips

Why searching for materials related to LGBTQIA+ identities can be challenging

Terminology may be outdated, offensive, and inaccurate
  • Research may use and be cataloged using outdated and/or biased vocabulary
  • Vocabulary related to queer & trans identities changes rapidly, making it challenging capture all of the relevant terminology
  • Although you will want to avoid outdated vocabulary in your own research, you might need to use some as search terms in order to identify relevant materials

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General Sexuality Headings

LGBTQIA+ Headings:

Recommended Books

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