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Science Fiction

A guide to the UT Libraries science fiction collection for research and leisure reading.

Literary Study & Research

Literary Study & Research

Science Fiction has long been the subject of serious research, and the databases below can help UT scholars find relevant monographs, peer-reviewed journals, and other scholarly resources.

Depending on your topic, you may need to search a variety of databases. The search tools linked below include articles published in academic journals centered on literary, film, and cultural studies. If you have questions about using these tools, contact Gina Bastone, the English Librarian:

Oxford Bibliographies Sci-Fi Spotlight

Article not available?

If the article you need is not available through the UT Library, you can submit a "Get a Scan" request. A PDF will be emailed to you, for free! 

Book not available?

If a book you need is not available at UT, you can place an InterLibrary Loan (ILL) request. UT will borrow the book from another library and send you an email when the book is available for you to pick up.

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