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Lone Star imPRESSions: A History of Small Press in Texas

Lone Star imPRESSions: A History of Small Press in Texas

Open: October 27th-November 30th 2017

Located: Scholars Commons & University of Texas Poetry Center (UTPC)

This exhibit offers a glimpse into the history of Texas small press in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Each of the exhibit items selected are examples of work produced by a small press, a work from an author or poet of Texas, or memorabilia from the small press owners themselves. These items come together to form a narrative that examines the community formed by the creative forces in Texas. Just like small presses outside of the state, small presses in Texas aspire to tell the stories of those who would otherwise go unheard. The creativity, the desire to produce original work, and a collaborative spirit are what keep small presses thriving in Texas. The poets and presses may begin from grassroots, but the work and talent continues to garner attention on a national scale.​

Access the exhibit catalog below for further reading on the different small presses and links to those with open submissions.

Texas Small Press Selections


Curated by Mitch Cota, graduate of UT's School of Information Graduate Student and former UT Libraries Ask A Librarian Graduate Research Assistant.

I wanted to take a moment to thank some people who really made a difference in the project. First and foremost, thank you to Gina Bastone for her assistance, her editing, and her guidance through the entire process. There would be no exhibit without you. Second, the small presses are the whole reason behind this project. Thank you to every individual who allowed me to meet with them, provided me with stories, gave me materials for the exhibit, and overall treated me with a kindness and camaraderie that was so representative of the small press world. We are all in this together, and I hope that the exhibit does each and every small press included justice. A special thank you to David Jewell for providing me with literary treasures that have immeasurable value and perspective that is priceless. I hope everyone enjoys and thank you to UT Libraries for giving me the space to explore.
-Mitch Cota

Companion Digital Exhibit

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