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Spotlight on Diné/Navajo Poets

Spotlight on Diné/Navajo Poets & Poets from Southwest Tribes

“May we remember that holiness exists in the ordinary elements of our lives.”
-Luci Tapahanso

This line comes from Tapahanso’s poetry collection A Radiant Curve, part of the latest exhibit at the UT Poetry Center in the PCL.  The exhibit is in honor of Navajo poet and community leader Rex Lee Jim’s visit to campus on March 30, 2017, and it features the work of 21 Diné/Navajo poets and poets from other Southwest tribes. Some of the featured writers include Tapahonso and Laura Tohe, the first and second poets laureate of the Navajo Nation (respectively), Pulitzer Prize nominees Wendy Rose and Margo Tamez, and American Book Award winners Sherwin Bitsui and Joy Harjo. Exhibit will be on view March 6 through May 26, 2017.

Special thanks to Anthony Webster, Professor of Anthropology; Luis Cárcamo-Huechante, Director of Native American and Indigenous Studies; James Cox, Professor of English; and Pauline Strong, Professor of Anthropology, for their contributions to this display. Additional thanks to Alicia Ramirez and Mitch Cota.


Selections from the Exhibit

Books by Native American & Indigenous Authors

Below is a selection of other books of poetry by Native American and Indigenous authors. Most are available for check out!

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