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Transportation Resources

Transportation Resources

We are all interested in transportation, whether the particular interest is in pedestrian safety, providing supersonic jet service, scheduling mass transit service, building the transportation infrastructure or designing a lightweight automobile. An investigation of a transportation topic should include consideration of the Big Picture, whether or not the researcher intends to cover every angle. Civil, mechanical, aerospace engineering; public policy; and economics are some of the most obvious disciplines - but not the only ones.

This civil and architectural engineering guide provides much of the needed information regarding books, article databases, data sources, standards, tech reports, etc. What follows are a few additional transportation specific resources.


Article Databases


Trip Generation Information




Technical Reports - Governmental and International organizations


UT Research Center

The University of Texas at Austin's Center for Transportation Research (CTR)

Previously named the Council for Advanced Transportation Studies (CATS) (1972-1979)


Texas Department Of Transportation 


Historical Documents from the U.S Department of Transportation Library

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