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Finding Books

Use the Library Catalog to Find Books

Books can be especially helpful in explaining the background information for a subject and in giving you an author's summary (with a bibliography) of what is known about a topic.  If you find out about a book that you want but we don't have, please ask for it.  (See below under "Can't find what you are looking for?")


Searching for a Book

  1. Use the library catalog to find books in the holdings of the Libraries.
  2. Keyword searching is the default but searches can be focused by selecting other options, including a specific author search or limiting by date or location.


Understanding the Results 

After searching, look for these details:

1. Is this book in print or is it an e-book?

2. If the book is in print, is it AVAILABLE? 

3. If the book is checked out or if you want staff to retrieve the book for you, click on "Pick It Up" and follow the steps to request the book. 

4. Select the available pick-up location is best for you.


Using an Electronic Book

Click to follow the link; usually marked as, "electronic resource".  You may be asked to log in with your EID and password.  Interfaces vary depending upon the book supplier.

Want a copy of a print article or of a book chapter?  

You can request a copy via the "Get a Scan" button.  This option may take a few days.


Can’t find what you are looking for?

  1. Request a copy thru InterLibrary Services (ILS) - ILS can obtain books, article scans, and other material not owned by the UT-Austin Libraries
  2. Request a book be added to the library via the Suggest a Purchase form 

Google Books

Interlibrary Services

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