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Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering

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Find Articles & Journals

Here is a list of recommended databases for research papers in civil, architectural, and environmental engineering:

These databases are valuable sources and satisfying for their full-text content but be aware that each indexes publications from one society.  You will also want to search using an indexing tool with more comprehensive coverage:


If you don't see a PDF or HTML link, connecting you to the full article, click the "Find it at UT" button to see if the article is available in another database or in print in one of the UT Libraries.

If it's only available in print or you can't see how to otherwise obtain a copy, go to "Get a Scan" and complete a request form.


Find Journals

  • To see if we have a particular journal (i.e. Nature, ENR), either in print or electronic format, use the Jounal link.


Journal Collections

  • Engineering Societies: see the print and full text holding for more than a dozen key engineering societies such as AIAA, ASCE, ASME, IEEE, SAE, SPE, SPIE and more.
  • Journal Collections by publisher, including engineering societies.

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