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BA 324 - Business Communication

Avoiding Plagiarism

Avoiding Plagiarism

Artificial Intelligence & Plagiarism

AI Tools and Your Course Assignments

A growing concern is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots to write entire essays and articles. While it may be tempting to use AI in this way, please be aware that this is also considered a form of plagiarism. The University of Texas at Austin's Information Security Office has issued guidance in regards to ChatGPT and other AI tools.

  • Always confirm with your professor whether AI tools like ChatGPT are allowed for each assignment
  • Always verify information and sources generated by AI tools
    • AI has been known to generate false information and to cite non-existent sources
    • AI-generated text mines people's intellectual property without crediting them, which raises ethical concerns
  • Content from AI tools like ChatGPT is usually nonrecoverable, so it cannot be retrieved or linked in your citation and should be cited as personal communication
  • Personal communication receives an in-text citation but does not appear on the list of references
  • Some of this guidance may be updated as recommendations evolve
University of Texas at Austin – Information Security Office
Acceptable Use of ChatGPT and Similar AI Tools


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