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Individual & Population Variation in Biology, Medicine, & Society

Diverse researchers—from biology, medicine, statistics, nutrition, sociology, public health, anthropology, athletics, and more—will be collaborating across traditional research boundaries to investigate the causes and consequences of individual and popula

5th Annual Big Data in Biology Symposium May 8, 2017

BDiB Symposium

The 5th Annual Big Data in Biology Symposium is the kick-off event for Pop-Up Institute on Individual and Population Variation. The goal of the symposium is to provides a environment where researchers and trainees can interact across traditional disciplinary boundaries. This event is organized by the Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics and supported by the Vice President for Research. For information regarding previous Big Data in Biology Symposia, please visit:


8:30 Welcome Breakfast

9:00 Opening Remarks

9:10 KEYNOTE I: Dr. Howard Ochman (Professor, Department of Integrative Biology): “The extraordinary evolution of the human microbiome”

10:00 Local Talk I: Dr. David Paydarfar (Chair, Department of Neurology, Dell Medical School): “Tailoring a Brain Therapy: How Can We Break the Curse of Dimensionality”

10:30 Coffee Break

10:50 KEYNOTE II: Dr. Alfred Hero (University of Michigan) “Integration and differentiation in multimodal longitudinal datasets”

11:35 Local Talk II: Dr. Maryjka Blaszczyk (Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Anthropology): “Into the wild: Behavioral variation in a natural primate population”

12:05 Lunch

1:15 KEYNOTE III: Dr. Molly Bray (Chair, Department of Nutritional Sciences): “The Molecular Basis of Health Behaviors”

2:00 Pop-Up Institute Fellows (UT Austin):

  • Dr. Farya Phillips: "The impact of parental cancer on children & families"

  • Dr. Margherita Malanchini: “The origins of individual differences in educational achievement: beyond cognitive skills

  • Andrew Grotzinger: "Relationships between hair testosterone, hair cortisol, and adolescent externalizing behaviors"

2:40 Coffee Break

3:10 Interactive Panel led by the Pop-Up Institute Principal Members (UT Austin):

  • Drs. Molly Bray

  • Mark Hayward

  • Vishy Iyer

  • Chris Webb

  • Mike Daniels

  • moderated by Dr. Hans Hofmann

4:10 Reception with Poster Session 

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