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Individual & Population Variation in Biology, Medicine, & Society

Diverse researchers—from biology, medicine, statistics, nutrition, sociology, public health, anthropology, athletics, and more—will be collaborating across traditional research boundaries to investigate the causes and consequences of individual and popula

Final Event: Launching the Future, May 26, 2017

Launching the Future

Launching the Future: The Pop-Up Institutes were designed to bring researchers together from across disciplines. We have put in the work to build collaborations across the University and Medical School. Now is the time to decide how we move forward. Please join us Friday, May 26th (9am-3pm) to share what we have accomplished, strategically plan for the future, and celebrate. Morning coffee and lunch will be provided. 

Please RSVP here at your earliest convenience. Do consider attending even if you have not been able to participate in all phases of the Institute.  


What: Launching the Future

Where: SAC 2.120

When: Friday, May 26th, 9am-3pm


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