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Generative AI Tools

AI Tools Licensed by UT-Austin

Mircosoft CoPilot:

  • log in with your UT Microsoft 365 account ( and then your EID to access the UT-Austin licensed version of CoPilot. Your prompts and responses are not retained by Microsfot or used to train AI models, and your information is encyrpted.
  • genderates text, code and images using ChatGPT-4 and DALL-E 3.
  • not currently aprpoved for use with confidential university data (e.g., FERPA, HIPAA, PCI, IRB).
  • more information is available on the UT Microsoft 365 AI page.

ChatGPT and Other Large Language Models

The table below summarizes key characteristics of the most widely used LLM AI chatbot tools. This table was last updated in January 2024. A more exhaustive list of generative AI tools that may be of interest to university students and faculty is maintained by Ithaka S+R at
  ChatGPT Gemini Llama
Access iOS, Android, Web-application Cannot run locally. Google Gemini website, through Google app integrations Can be downloaded and run locally, can be accessed through 3rd party online interfaces
Company OpenAI Google Meta
Cost/Upgrade Version Basic tier is free but requires an OpenAI account. An upgraded version is available for $20 per month Free but requires Google account Free
Licensing Proprietary Proprietary Open with some restrictions (
User Privacy OpenAI Privacy Policy
Will collect personal information and provide information to partners, in addition to analysis of user behavior.
Gemini Apps Privacy Hub
Uses location, past conversation data to provide responses. Will save and share data with other Google products if linked.
Meta Privacy Policy
Requires submission of name and email in order to download the model. Once downloaded, the model can then be run locally without sharing data.
Model Training Set ChatGPT was trained using the Common Crawl open dataset in addition to resources like Wikipedia, books, and news articles. Llama 2 was trained with data sources similar to those of other LLMs, but only those with publicly available data that are “compatible with open sourcing”. See for full details on training data and list of data sources.

AI Scholarly Literature Search Tools

  • ResearchRabbit: dubbed “Spotify for papers,” this free tool draws on citations and open access papers from semantic scholar to create visualizations of connections between papers and scholars, as well as recommend and summarize papers.
  • Elicit: this literature search tool draws on citations and open access papers from semantic scholar, with a focus on “empirical research (e.g. randomized controlled trials in social sciences or biomedicine)" to discover papers, as well as summarize and extract data. A basic free account gives you 5,000 credits. Once you run out, you can upgrade to ElicitPlus for a monthly fee.

AI Tools for Audio, Image and Video Generation

AI Coding Tools

  • GitHub Copilot: generate and optimize code in many programming languages. Free and paid subscriptions available.
  • Code Llama: generate and optimize code in many programming languages. Available for free.

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