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Academic Integrity and Citation

Academic Integrity

For Students:

  • Check your syllabus for a statement about ChatGPT or AI from your professor first. If there is no statement, ask your professor or TA before using AI tools in your coursework. Unauthorized use of AI could be considered cheating.
  • To avoid plagiarism, it is necessary to cite any quotes, paraphrasing and ideas you get from AI, just as you would with other sources. Some professors may also want you to explain how you used AI in completing the assignment and/or turn in the content the AI tool generated.
  • AI tools such as ChatGPT or Gemini may make up credible-sounding citations to sources that do not exist, which is called “hallucinating.” Make sure you locate the full source and read it before using it in your research project.

For Instructors:

  • Consider what uses of AI are acceptable within your courses. Can students use AI in some stages of the researching, writing or creating process? As a tool for brainstorming or studying? If so, be specific about what is allowed and what is not, and what the expectations are for citing AI tools. 
  • Include a clear statement about AI parameters on your syllabus. See the Provost’s Your Syllabus page for examples.

Citing Generative AI Output

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