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Background Information and Newspapers

Why Should I Start Here?

It can be tempting to just dive into your research with scholarly articles. However, you might gain a better understanding of your topic if you begin with these more accessible sources for background information. 

  • Encyclopedias are wonderful sources for facts and general overviews. They should *not* be your only sources of information, but knowing the factual background of your topic will help you understand interpretations presented in academic materials.
  • A dictionary can be your best friend! Or maybe not really. But it can be a vital part of your research. Make good use of the OED!
  • Newspapers and magazines can provide cutting edge coverage of current events because they are published more quickly than academic articles. Over time, they transition into historical records of how different events were perceived by journalists and the general public. The newspapers and magazines in our databases represent a broad spectrum of political and cultural beliefs; read widely and critically.

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Newspapers, Magazines, and Film

But What About Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a wonderful resource. . . If used correctly. Just make sure to follow these guidelines!

  • Wikipedia is a great place to START your research. It is a bad place to END your research. And it should never be the ONLY place you look!
  • Don’t cite Wikipedia in your classroom assignments! Find vetted sources like research reports or scholarly articles!
  • It is best used for background info, keywords, and additional sources. 

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