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New York Times

New York Times Online

Included in our subscription:

  • 1851 to current day and all updates
  • Cooking, Games, and The Athletic 
  • International, Spanish and Chinese editions
  • All NYT produced videos, blogs, newsletters, subscriber events
  • Teaching and learning tools with 16 discipline channels, curated articles, discussion questions, co-curricular activities
  • Access through web browser and personal devices/mobile app

Who is eligible to access The New York Times online through the UT Austin subscription?

Current students, faculty, and staff. Unfortunately, retired staff, faculty, and faculty emeriti are not eligible for access.

Why use the UT subscription to read The New York Times online?

The New York Times requires a paid subscription for full access to its website,, and to the NYT mobile apps. The UT Libraries subscribes to the New York Times on behalf of our users to provide Passes. Users not connected to a pass may only read up to 10 free articles per month.

Can I access The Times from off-campus?

Yes, as long as you have previously activated your Pass using the links in the "Account Set-up" box to the left. 

Can I access The Times from my mobile device?

Yes, all Passes provide full access to NYT apps; visit to download. Pass holders can also access and on any device (computer, smartphone, or tablet) with a browser. Mobile apps are supported by most devices.

​Why am I asked to log in on some occasions and not others?

Your browser may clear its web cache/history if it is set to do so. In such cases you will need to log back into, but you can still use your Pass.

Will my saved items carry over when cancel my personal subscription and start up my subscription with UT?

Yes, as long as you use the same email address.

Account Help

Questions?  Please visit the Academic Pass Troubleshooting Guide 

For help with academic accounts: 

Contact or

Call NYT Customer Service: 1-800-698-4637

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