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Scoping Reviews

Saved Searches and Alerts

Saved Searches and Alerts

Since reviews can take a long time to complete, it is helpful to set up an alert in the databases to notify you if any new articles are added that fit your search criteria. Be sure that you think through your cutoff date for your alert. At some point, you do have to publish.

Be sure that if you do include articles from an alert, you are transparent about them in your reporting.

Note: Librarians recommend that you create logins for your chosen databases and save your searches from the start of the project so that you don't lose any work as you develop your search strategy.

Saving Searches in EBSCO

Within the EBSCO interface, there are several ways to document your search, In general, make sure you've set up an myEBSCO account and are signed in and have run your final search protocol...

Option 1 

Click on the "Share" button and click on your linked search terms (in the "Add Search to Folder" option). This records your search terms and limits in your myEBSCO folder under the section called "Persistent Links to Searches." See the red arrow on the screen shots to the right. 

Option 2

Click on the "Share" button. Copy and save the URL in the "Use Permalink" section. This will allow you to quickly return to and rerun your search, Note: any newly added articles that match your search criteria will appear. To be aware of those new additions, set up a search alert to be notified of new results. See the green and blue arrows in the screen shot to the right.

Option 3

Beneath the search box, click on "Search History" and select the search you'd like to save. Then click "Save Searchers / Alerts" and complete and save the form on the next screen. Now your search terms can be found in your myEBSCO folder under the "Saved Searches" section. See the yellow arrows in the screen shots below.






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