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Rattlesnake Awareness!


With summer heat and rising temperatures, rattlesnakes are more noticeable on MSI campus and surrounding areas.


  • Be careful and be aware of your surroundings
  • Walk in clear paths, making sure to look ahead
  • When approached too closely to a rattler, warning noise is a rattle
    • good idea not to wear headphones or ear buds while walking around outdoors
  • Avoid tall grass and shady areas next to buildings or other structures
    • Snakes seek cooler areas to escape the heat
  • If you see a rattlesnake:
    • keep your distance, walk away calmly
    • call security if on campus: 749-6738, cellular: 361-332-9641
    • call PA Police if off-campus in an area that may be a potential danger to others: 749-6241 
  • If you, or someone with you, is bitten by a rattlesnake:

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