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Safety, Hazards & Environment

Safety & Emergency Preparedness

Ryan Hladyniuk, Ph.D. 
Core Facilities Laboratory Manager & Safety Coordinator, University of Texas at Austin, Marine Science Institute
Around Campus with Ryan Hladyniuk, Highlights, by Sally Palmer.

Lab Safety

UT Laboratory Safety 

Lab Safety Manual

Laboratory Attire in Research & Teaching Labs, PDF

  • Flammables, > 10 gallons need to be stored in flammable cabinet
  • Compressed gas, oxidizers and flammables need to be at least 20 ft apart when not in use
  • No daisy chaining extension cords
  • Mercury thermometer exchange program
  • Keep chemical inventories current and safety training up-to-date

Eye Wash Stations

  • Need to be tested monthly
    • run station for a few minutes, record that test was performed
    • maintenance personnel regularly tests shower pull stations
  • Do not block or impede access to eye wash stations

Construction Safety

In designated areas, when permission is granted:

  • Hard hats, safety glasses, high-visible vest, steel toed boots

General awareness:

  • Falling/fallen debris
  • Trip hazards
  • Broken glass
  • Skip the headphones!

Word to the Wise

Maintenance, custodial and grounds

  • Be aware of potential hazards when entering labs, read placards outside of lab
  • Report unsafe chemical / waste storage
  • Report unusual smells, evidence of spills etc ...
  • Caution when removing inner-bags of trash cans
  • Radiation lab tape, work outside of these areas

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