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Consumer Behavior - Mintel

Analysis of consumer lifestyles to create a detailed customer profile. Market researchers conduct psychographic research by asking consumers to agree or disagree with activities, interests, and opinions statements. (
For each report, Mintel conducts an online consumer survey based on an average sample size of 2000 internet users. The survey findings are summarized into a downloadable EXCEL file called "Databook", which includes comprehensive product use and consumer behavior data for that specific market.
NOTE: Only USA reports dated 2015 - present will have a downloadable "Databook" report. Starting in 2018, in addition to the excel file, the reports have a "Interactive Databook" which allows users to explore the consumer research questions and demographics in a more efficient way. New features include enhanced data visualization, download/share individual tables/graphs, etc.​

Statista provides statistical data from thousands of institutions and sources. It provides access to data from market and opinion research institutions, as well as from business organizations and government agencies.

How to view selected "Data Variables".
  1. New Project - Select target area
  2. Select one or more “seed” variables - # Total Population
  3. Create Project - view map
  4. Select "Ranking" right-hand side of page to view data variables.
Create Project - view map
Select "Ranking" right-hand side of page in order to view data variables selected.

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