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Visual Studio Code

Using Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio (VS) Code is a popular code editor by Microsoft with a number of features that enhance and streamline the coding process, such as syntax highlighting and in-editor debugging. VS Code supports most popular languages, including: C, C++, Java, Javascript, Python, and Rust.

Learning VS Code | Guides and Resources

VS Code Documentation - Startup and setup guides provided on the VS Code website, with further pages for navigating the environment and interacting with different coding languages within it.

VS Code FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions provided on the VS Code website.

Introductory Videos - Startup guides and introductions provided on the. A great resource if you prefer a video to reading through guides.

Tips and Tricks - The quickest way to get started, this page will provide you with the resources to quickly navigate and use VS Code.

VS Code Tutorial - An exhaustive Youtube tutorial provided by This video is a guide to the software and maximizing productivity within it. While the guide is quite long, it is divided into chapters that can be navigated from the description to find the section relevant to you.

Recommended Books

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