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Data Lab


PCL Data Lab

The Data Lab is located in the Scholars Lab on the entry level of the Perry-Castañeda Library. It is equipped with technologies for hybrid workshops and classes, but also functions as a study and work space with iMacs and software to meet a variety of needs.

Data Lab Software

Data Analysis and Visualization Tools:

Adobe Creative Cloud - a suite of software with a variety of visual and data management functions.

Anaconda- work in Python with a focus on data science tools.

NVivo- analyze qualitative data

OpenRefine- clean and manipulate data 

QGIS- view and analyze GIS information and create maps and visualizations with it.

R- open source software package for data analysis and visualization 

SPSS- statistical package for analyzing and visualizing data and text

Stata MP- statistical package for data management, analysis, and graphics

Tableau- create interactive visualizations and information dashboards

Visual Studio Code- edit and debug codes in a variety of languages.

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