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Native American and Indigenous Studies


Recommended Databases

Navajo Times. January 28 1965. Window Rock, Arizona: Navajo Times. Available through: American Indian Newspapers,

Featured Newspapers

Cherokee Phoenix - first newspaper published by Native Americans in the United States and the first published in a Native American language. Digital access, 1828-1834, 1992-2016

Navajo Times - created by the Navajo Tribal Council in 1959; in 1982 it was the first daily newspaper owned and published by a Native American Indian Nation. Mission is to inform the Navajo people of events, news and issues of importance to them. Digital access, 1959-2013

Collection: Native American Activism Newspapers - With publications like NARP Newsletter, Many Smokes, and Native Movement, the Native American press championed such key issues as Native American rights, religious freedom, equal education, and preserving community, language and tribal sovereignty.

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