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Indigenous Data Sovereignty

Indigenous Data Sovereignty

What is Indigenous Data Sovereignty?

Indigenous Data Sovereignty is the ability for Indigenous peoples, communities and Nations to participate, steward and control data that is created with or about themselves. The term sovereignty refers to the fact that Indigenous Nations are sovereign in their governance and that extends to their data and Knowledges as well. It recognizes that Indigenous people are the ultimate authority in their data and Knowledges and aims to redefine Indigenous peoples' relationship to research from being participants or subjects to being meaningful partners and co-researchers.

What are Indigenous Data?

"In general, data are any quantitative or qualitative information about a specific topic that are collected through observation, surveys and reporting. For the purpose of this Protocol, Indigenous data is any information that is from or about any Indigenous person or their community, territory or nation, including but not limited to their languages, Knowledges, customs or traditions, intellectual property and ideas. Indigenous data are also relational and reciprocal, and need to reflect and be held by the community as a collective, and are equally as important to pass down through generations as a part of lifelong journeys of coming to be."

From Nindokiikayencikewin: to seek learning or Knowledges Indigenous Knowledges & Data Governance Protocol (pp. 10).

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