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Indigenous Futurisms and Technology

Indigenous Futurisms and Technology

Indigenous AI - A project of the Indigenous Protocol and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Working Group to develop new conceptual and practical approaches to building the next generation of A.I. systems that center Indigenous perspectives. 

Initiative for Indigenous Futures (IIF) - A partnership of universities and community organizations dedicated to developing multiple visions of Indigenous peoples tomorrow in order to better understand where we need to go today. Through its four main components –workshops, residencies, symposia, and archive– IIF will encourage and enable artists, academics, youth and elders to imagine how we and our communities will look in the future.

The Indigenous Futures Research Centre (IFRC) supports research that is led by and/or for Indigenous peoples and communities. The IFRC supports a mix of research approaches, topics, and collaborations ranging across community collaboration, art- and technology-making, scholarly analysis, experimental pedagogy, and theoretical development to illuminate how the challenges of the present can be addressed, in part, through concrete, constructive, and critical dreams of the future.

Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace is an Aboriginally determined research-creation network whose goal is to ensure Indigenous presence in the web pages, online environments, video games, and virtual worlds that comprise cyberspace.

Google Doc: Resources Related to Indigenous AI - A(n incomplete) list of resources that the Indigenous Protocol and AI workshop participants drew upon in their discussions. It is not comprehensive, and, in fact, is somewhat idiosyncratic.

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