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UGS 302: Modern Day Slavery - Prof. Busch-Armendariz

Step 2: Pick a Product

Read this first so you don't freak out

Many companies keep their supply chains private or they default to a more general statement regarding transparency as required by law. Nobody expects you to recreate the company's complex supply chain. Instead you'll start by finding out as much as you can about your product and the company's supply chain and practices on the web and in the news, and then dig deeper into where there might be forced labor, which is often at the beginning of the chain. You may have to make some assumptions - such as knowing an ingredient like mica is present in your product and then learning about forced labor in mica mining and making a connection, even without specific knowledge of where your company sources its mica but the general knowledge that a large percentage of the world's mica mining is done with child labor.

Pick a Product

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