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UGS 302: Modern Day Slavery - Prof. Busch-Armendariz

Things to know about the Libraries


1. How do I find and check out a book? 

This guide takes you through the steps. Your UT ID is your library card.

2. Can I access electronic library resources like online articles from my dorm/apartment?

You can access them from anywhere with an internet connection. Just go through the libraries website to search for articles and you'll be prompted for your EID.

3. What if I need an article that isn't online?

Look for the Get a Scan option and we'll scan the article and send it to you as a pdf. The first time you do this you'll need to set up an account and it is all free.

4. Can I access the New York Times?

Yes! You can set up a free account and add games, cooking or sports. This guide walks you through the steps.

5. Can I print and use computers in the library?

Yes. We have PCs, Macs (Fine Arts and PCL), printers and scanners.

6. Do you check out laptops and things like that?

We don't check out laptops, but we do check out a lot of technology, especially in PCL (main library) and FAL (Fine Arts Library). The PCL Desk    has microphones, chargers, scientific calculators and more. The Fine Arts Library has equipment to check out and use in their makerspace.

7. What services does the Libraries provide for users with disabilities?

The Libraries has numerous services and resources to ensure we provide access to information for all of our users. For a comprehensive list, see Information for Users with Disabilities, including OpenDyslexic on library computers, an assistive technology workstation, a meditation/relaxation room and more. If you have questions, reach out to your librarian or to Joe Dobbs, the Coordinator fof Services for Users with Disabilities and Head of User Services.

8. What software do you have?

In addition to the basics such as Microsoft Office, we have specialized software in the PCL Media Lab, the Data Lab and the Fine Arts Library.

9.. Who can use the makerspace in the Fine Arts Library and what is in it?

Anyone with a UT ID can use The Foundry makerspace and it is free. It includes 3D printing, laser cutting, sewing and embroidering, a recording studio and more.

10. Where can I study in the library?

We have library locations across campus where you can study. They range from quiet to collaborative so find the space you like the best. There are also group study rooms and presenation practice rooms you can reserve for group work.

11. What if I have questions about research or any other thing about the Libraries?

Please ask me or any other library staff member. See the Get Help.. page We love to hear from you!


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