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Digital Humanities Workshops @PCL

Schedule and course content from Digital Humanities Workshops @PCL series

Spring 2023 Workshops

Workshop Schedule


Visualizing Scottish Witchcraft Data with Python


This workshop uses Python to visually explore and present data collected from nearly 4,000 people accused of practicing witchcraft between 1563 and 1736 in Scotland. The session will involve graphing demonic pacts, interpreting data visualizations, and analyzing alternative digital tools.
Presenters: Trent Wintermeier, Allison Pujol, Amarainie Marquez



QGIS: The Basics and Getting Started


In this workshop, we will guide participants through the introductory steps in getting started in QGIS and how to develop their own spatial imagery using the platform. We will also go over how to find .shp data for creating maps and what this means for spatial data more broadly, what important terms and definitions are, and have a discussion about how spatial imagery can help further academic research by telling a story. 
Presenters: Taylor Ham and Cullan Bendig



Social Network Analysis in the Humanities


Have you ever read a novel that has A LOT of characters? Have you wondered how and in which way are they all connected? Then this workshop is for you! Come and learn the principles of Social Network Analysis (SNA) with written texts. We will be using the programming language Python and Google CoLab to run the program. In this workshop you will learn what SNA is, and engage with it in an array of texts. You will be able to assess characters, connectedness, group families, and ultimately determine if this tool is right for your research. 
Presenter: Luis F. Avilés González


Introduction to the Scalar Platform, a Digital Exhibition Tool


Scalar is a free, open source platform that enables users to assemble media from various sources and juxtapose them with their own writings in a variety of ways. This introductory workshop will cover the basics on how to make a digital exhibition with the platform.
Presenter: Eden Ewing



Introduction to Annotating Audio and Video with AudiAnnotate


AudiAnnotate is a free and lightweight tool and workflow to publish and share annotation projects, editions, and exhibits with audio and video files. This workshop will introduce methods for annotating AV files using Audacity, IIIF, and GitHub. Examples in the workshop will include annotations on LLILAS Benson’s “Radio Venceremos Audio Collection,” the 2018 film The Kindergarten Teacher, and Muriel Rukeyser’s “The Speed of Darkness” from SpokenWeb’s “The Sir George Williams Poetry Series (1965-1975).”
Please visit project page for more information. 
Presenter: Trent Wintermeier

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