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Foreign Acquisitions and Networking Trips

The Advantages of Investing in International Networks

UT Libraries' Global Studies liaisons pursue international travel for expanding international networks and making unique purchases on behalf of the UT Austin community. Global Studies liaisons support the International and Area Studies Collections in the 21st Century group's statement, The Value of International Travel for Area Studies Librarians, co-written by Mary Rader (Head of the Arts, Humanities, and Global Studies Team at UTL):

"Despite rapid and pervasive improvements in international communication streams and marketplaces, it is well-recognized within the area studies communities—both scholarly and library-based—that regular travel to/from 'the field' is critical to maintaining subject expertise ('authority') and effective networks ('currency').  This is no less true for area studies librarians.  In addition to retaining credibility as experts in a field, area studies librarians are also expected to initiate, establish and nurture their international networks (professional, informational and otherwise) through which they can support the work of others, most notably the students and researchers of our universities. Furthermore, and perhaps the most tangible output of this type of travel, librarians can make the one-of-a-kind purchases and negotiations that distinguish and develop our respective collections."

Learn more about Global Studies liaisons' international travel on the UT Libraries' TexLibris Blog:

Foreign Acquisitions and Networking


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