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Storing Files on Box or OneDrive

Storing Files on Box or OneDrive via ZotFile

Storing Zotero attachments (e.g. PDFs) on UT’s Box or OneDrive via ZotFile is the simplest option for individual Zotero libraries. ZotFile allows you to:

  • Efficiently store your Zotero attachments on OneDrive or Box. Providing a more reliable backup for attachments than a personal device hard drive.
  • Allows easy access to attachments on multiple devices

NOTE: Box and OneDrive storage is managed by UT. If you plan on leaving UT, you should make plans to find an alternative storage space to store your files (e.g. personal Box account, new institution's cloud storage, etc.). 

How to Set Up ZotFile

1.) Have Box Sync or OneDrive installed and synced on your computer (should be default installed on most staff/faculty computers)

2.) Create a Zotero folder in your Box or OneDrive directory.

3.) Install ZotFile - a Zotero extension that will allow you to move attachments to your Box or OneDrive without corrupting your attachment links in Zotero

4.) In Zotero, select Tools. Then, select Add-ons. Select the gear on the top right corner of the pop up. Select Install Add-on from File. Select ZotFile download (zotfile-5.1.2-fx.xpi). Restart Zotero

5.) Set up ZotFile

  • In Zotero, select Tools. Select ZotFile Preferences. Under Source Folder for Attaching New Files, select the Box or OneDrive Zotero folder. Under Location of Files, select Custom Location and then choose the Box or OneDrive Zotero folder. Click OK.


  • In Zotero, select Edit. Select Preferences. Select Advanced. Select Files and Folders. Under Linked Attachment Base Directory, choose the Box or OneDrive Zotero folder. A pop up may appear, click “Change Base Directory Setting." Click OK. 

6.) If you want to transfer your previously uploaded attachments to Box or OneDrive, go to your Zotero library. Press Ctrl+A or Cmd+A to select all files in the library. Right click. Select Manage Attachments. Select Rename and Move.

  • All selected attachments will then be transferred to OneDrive or Box

Now, whenever you add a new attachment to Zotero, it should automatically transfer it to your OneDrive or Box folder. If it does not transfer to Box or OneDrive, right click the file and select Manage Attachments. Select Rename and Move.

To access attachments via Zotero on other devices, make sure that the device is also synced to your Box or OneDrive.

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