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FromThePage User Guide


Creating an Account

Creating an account on FromThePage is simple.  Access the site and select sign up.  Fill out the form with your full name and email address and you will be approved for an account. 

Once an account has been created, FromThePage will be able to track changes and comments, tying them to a user's profile.  That way instructors and researchers can keep track of an individuals progress and performance.

Finding a document

Most documents on FromThePage are available to the public by default.  If you are attempting to access a collection with restricted access privileges, please contact the collection owner to request privileges for you account.

In order to find and access documents on FromThePage as a Collaborator, which is the default account for those who are not collection owners, you can use the Collections tab on the top of your screen.  From this screen you can see all collections which are currently accessible in alphabetical order.  Select the collection you wish to work on to continue to the next step and find the document you wish to work on.

From a collection homepage you can see all currently available documents and sub-collections, as well as how close each portion of the collection is to be fully transcribed/translated.  You can search for specific documents via a keyword search near the owners name.  You can also filter the collection by a variety of variables, including narrowing down the collection to only documents that need transcriptions or are on topics specified by the project owner.  This is an easy way for users to identify which documents they wish to or have been assigned to work on.

Collaborators can also see their recent activity on their dashboard, and access their current works in progress easily from here.

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