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FromThePage User Guide

User Roles

User Roles

There are three levels of user privilege on FromThePage:

  • Collaborator - Collaborators are users who have signed up for a basic or guest account on FromThePage.  Collaborators are capable of submitting transcriptions and translations  for review and approval.  Most collections are open to the public, but collaborators can also request access to private collections or be granted access by an owner.  Collaborators are able to search and view finished or unfinished transcriptions and translations.
  • Owner - Owners are users capable of creating collections and uploading images.  Owners are capable of editing, reviewing, and correcting any transcription or translation within their collection.  Collections can have multiple owners, but the original owner must approve secondary owners. Owners can also contribute to translations and transcriptions on other collections.
  • Administrator - Administrators oversee the entire FromThePage apparatus and can grant ownership privileges, as well as oversee account creation.

Becoming an Owner

Becoming a project or collection owner is restricted to University of Texas at Austin staff, faculty, researcher or approved collaborators.  If you wish to create a collection for use in a research project our as part of a course, please send the following information to EMAIL:

Project Title:

Project Purpose: 

Employment Position Description:

Class ID & Department (If Applicable):

Project Description (Please keep under 500 words)

Collaborators : (If Applicable)

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