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FromThePage User Guide

Owner's Guide

Approving a Transcription

Owners, when a participant has submitted a transcription or translation for review,can see requests from their dashboard.  In order to review a document, owners must navigate to the "Contents" heading for a particular document.  Owners should see the page in question with listed with the option to "review" as it appears below.

From the following page owners can proofread and check a transcription or translation.  Once owners have made  changes, theycan un-check the needs review box to let collaborators know that the page has now been transcribed properly.  Owners can follow a similar methodology for approving translations.  

A Note on Ethical Crowd-sourcing

Most successful FromThePage projects will rely on the labor of unpaid volunteer contributors, from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Owner's should take care to recognize and name those contributors when possible after a project has been completed.  Crediting the unpaid labor that goes into a project is one way an owner can show their appreciation for the assistance.  Owner's are encouraged to keep a list of contributors to include in future presentations or research which draws on materials created using FromThePage.  

By highlighting the labor done by these volunteers, be they students, enthusiasts or community members, owners can help create a more equitable work environment that values the contributions of volunteer labor that frequently acts as the foundation of scholarship and research, yet often goes overlooked. It will also build goodwill with volunteer, making them more likely to engage with digital scholarship projects in the future.

Siobhan Leachman, a long-time volunteer on the FromThePage project, has compiled a guide RecruitEngage and Maintain Crowd-Sourcing Volunteers.  Owners and potential owners are encouraged to look it over the better understand how to manage a crowd-sourcing campaign to assist their FromThePage projects. 

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