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FromThePage User Guide

Working on a Project

Producing & Submitting a Transcription

Once a collaborators has selected a document,e an overview of previous comments or changes made to a transcription will be visible.  If a task has already been completed, collaborators will be unable to add or edit the transcription without being a  owner.  There are two separate windows for transcription and translation.There are a variety of viewing options when working with a primary source document.  From here transcriptions can be created by using a keyboard or using the dictation function to create a voice-to-text transcription.  Collaborators can also mark the page as blank if there is no text. Collaborators can save your changes and come back at anytime, when they are confident in the transcription or if assistance is needed the transcription can be marked as  "Needs Review" to alert the project owner that they should examine the document in question.


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