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Transcription Guidelines

Transcription Guidelines

Users are encouraged to scroll to the bottom of a transcription page to see what guidelines the project owner has established for how transcriptions should be produced and how to represent breaks, misspelling, and other potential oddities..  While each project is unique and will include their own specific guidelines, it is recommended that the following guidelines be followed:


Spelling: Use original spelling if possible.
Capitalization: Modernize for readability
Punctuation: Add modern periods, but don't add punctuation like commas and apostrophes.
Line Breaks: Hit return once after each line ends. Two returns indicate a new paragraph, which is usually indentation following the preceding sentence in the original. The times at the end of each entry should get their own paragraph, since the software does not support indentation in the transcriptions.
Illegible text: Indicate illegible readings in single square brackets: [Dr?]

"Autolink" will suggest subjects certain words could be linked to or you can use double braces to link subjects. [[Jane Doe]] will link the text "Jane Doe" to the subject Jane Doe, while [[Jane Doe|Jane]] will link the text "Jane" to the subject Jane Doe. We recommend that linking be left to an editor after the initial transcription is made.

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