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PHM 388M/188P

Pharmaceutics and Dosage Form Design


  • Essential Pharmaceutics -- Required textbook used to complete the reading assignments (before class) and for reference during class.
  • Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology -- Provides a comprehensive overview of topics relating to research, manufacture, marketing and use of pharmaceuticals.
  • Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients -- Resource for detailed information on pharmaceutical excipients and inactive ingredients used in drug product design.  Could be used as resource for team based "drug product design assignments".
  • Inactive Ingredient Search for Approved Drug Products -- Search engine for inactive ingredients and excipients used in FDA approved drug products.  Provides levels and specific routes of administration for individual excipients.  Could be used as resource for team-based "drug product design assignments."
  • Martin’s Physical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences -- Provides a comprehensive and in-depth guide to the physical and chemical principles relevant to the pharmaceutical sciences
  • Orange Book : Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations -- Resource for finding approved drug products and their therapeutic equivalence evaluation.  Provides patent information covering approved drug products.
  • USP-NF Online (United States Pharmacopeia--National Formulary) -- Resource for seaching quality standards of dosage forms, drug substances, compounded preparations and excipients/inactive ingredients monographs.  Provides background knowledge on analytical testing and product characterization.  Could be used as resource for team-based "drug product design assignments." Requires user to create a free account. Web browsers supported: MS Edge and Google Chrome. Not functional with Firefox.

Drug Substances Databases

Use these resources in researching information related to the physical and chemical properties of known drug substances.  Could be used as resource for team based "drug product design assignments."

  • -- Physical & chemical properties of known drug substances

  • PubChem -- Drug properties from National Library of Medicine

  • -- Select HSDB to find physical & chemical properties of known drug substances (Chemical/Physical Properties tab).

Reaxys -- Used for chemical & physical information from published literature. One capability is to obtain experimental properties (logP, melting point, solubility).  Hint:  1. Click on names & formulas 2. Check chemical name box 3. Input search inquiry 4. Click on Physical Data

SciFinder -- Database of chemical & bibliographic information; requires initial registration with a email account. Hint: 1. Search using "Substances>Substance Identifier" 2. Click on Experimental Properties, Properties 3. Properties will be listed under value, or go to specific resources

Drug Product Information

Use these resources in researching information related to composition and characteristics of approved drug products.  Could be used as resource for team based "drug product design assignments."

Journal Literature

Find a Journal -- to locate an article cited in references of another source

What's a research article?

What's a review article?

What does peer-reviewed or refereed mean?

To search for supporting journal articles in the peer-reviewed literature, use the following databases. Select appropriate keywords or subject headings. Be sure to pay attention to important elements such as journal, date of publication, etc.

Databases for Pharmaceutics



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