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This guide is a central location for information regarding PudMed. The guide will be used to create a landing page for general information and link to outside resources to assist with PubMed. The genesis of this project is the upcoming change from the Leg

My Bibliography

My Bibliography

My Bibliography is a free tool that comes with each My NCBI account. It is used for gathering, maintaining, and sharing articles you have authored. The My Bibliography content can be transferred into other NCBI-based systems like SciENcv for creating Biosketches.

Adding Citations to My Bibliography.

This user is already signed in to their My NCBI account: 

  1. Click your account icon in the top right corner and choose "Publications"
  2. Click "Add Citation" to add an article from PubMed, upload a citation file, or manually enter your citation
  3. If you want to share your bibliography, click "make your bibliography public" and a URL will be generated


  1. Search by Author name
  2. Check articles to add to your bibliography
  3. Click "Send to"
  4. Choose My Bibliography

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